"Like It. Lump It. We Are All Connected 2018" At A Glance

"Like It. Lump It. We Are All Connected" already exists as a 12ft by 6 ft crocheted work.

In 2018 it is set to grow to 5 times its size through an Arts Council England and Cheshire Community Foundation funded project. During 2017 there will be 5 focuses for "Like It. Lump It. We Are All Connected". Each focus will have a different topic and be sited in a new location. Their will be a series of participatory events during each focus and an exhibition. There will be chance for people to create their own crocheted circle for inclusion in the work at public events or on their own. If you wold like to create a piece for inclusion in the exhibitions an artists brief is here. More info will be on this blog about each focus but a quick synopsis is here too:

Hope And Despair In A Changing World
What? Working with Hope University students and visitors to explore how their hopes and despairs might affect our universal future.Our conversation starters will come from the existing piece which features issues around social housing, war, moving populations and money and power.
Where?Cornerstone Gallery, Hope University, Liverpool
When? Exhibition on now until 28th February. Dates for artists talks/informal conversations coming soon. 

Storm Season
What? Exploring how changes in climate are affecting people and things.
Where? Northwich Streets and Transport
When ? Dates in January, February and March

Hope and Despair In A Changing World 2
What? Working with those suffering with mental health issues and the over 55's to articulate and share wisdom and ponderances. Taking inspiration from the work created at Hope University and during the Storm Season works.
Where? Bank Quay House, Warrington, Warrington Streets and Cafes and specific groups.
When? Events in February/March. Exhibition from 31st March -18th May

What Now?
What? Working with the parish of Great Budworth and connected parishes to reflect on the issues within the growing work. How can the values inherent in religion/secularism help or hinder our common connectivity?
Where? St Mary's Church, Great Budworth,Cheshire
When? Events in May and Exhibition from 2nd June -21st July

Down River.
What? Working with people of Lower Kersal In Salford to explore how the issues within the work affect the lives of those in more deprived communities.
Where? Project Shed Gallery Space, Kersal Vale Allotments, Lower Kersal, Salford
When? Events in July/August Exhibition from 6th August-3rd September

In Temporary Conclusion
What? Informal conversations and artists talks around the grown work. Chances to create clusters for future works.
Where? Williamson Gallery, Birkenhead.
When ?12th September-14th October

To Be Continued
There will be a further exhibition of the work in Buxton in 2019. If you have a venue and would like to show the work in 2019 or beyond please get in touch with Beth Barlow by e mailing bethbarlow(at)bethbarlow.com